World TB Day 2019 - premiere of “Under the Mask”

World TB day 2019

It`s time to talk about the real life of TB patients

UNDER THE MASK A FilmAid Foundation & SMRU Production

A premiere and a great success for the TB movie at Shwe KoKo, Myanmar on Friday night 22 March 2019!

Organised by SMRU, World TB Day was marked with 2 awareness raising events in Shwe KoKo School on Friday 22 March - the morning event was attended by young students and villagers with presentations on TB prevention and treatment from SMRU staff and District Hospital officials, with moving testimony from former TB patients and with interactive question and answer sessions. FilmAid Foundation provided audio visual support, showed health awareness short films, a trailer of the evening’s film Under the Mask, as well as videoing the event.

As night fell under a large yellow moon, we saw FilmAid Asia’s first night screening across the border in Myanmar in partnership with SMRU. The outdoor premiere screening of TB drama film Under the Mask was attended by more than 300 local villagers including members of the cast and crew. A post screening survey saw a satisfaction rating of 97% from the audience! FilmAid Foundation’s team produced the 1hr 15 min drama film based on the real testimony of TB patients in SMRU’s KoKo clinic, with a script written to raise awareness of the TB disease by encouraging treatment, diagnosis, prevention and destigmatisation. Filmed entirely in Shwe KoKo village and in SMRU’s TB clinic by FilmAid Foundation’s team and friends the film used local villagers and clinic staff members as cast and background actors.

The film will be shown in 17 villages in Karen State in May.

World TB Day - Under the Mask Night Screening

World TB Day - Under the Mask Night Screening