We train refugees in film production giving them practical skills which empower and bring confidence as well as offering future livelihood opportunities.

We invite Trainers from the professional film industry in areas of film production including cinematography, editing, animation, music composition and documentary techniques.

Training sessions are followed by practical film making. A ‘learning by doing’ approach means participants are able to understand the reasons behind the many skills and creative disciplines that contribute to successful film production. The process also encourages participants to make their own decisions and to learn how to work together and develop a shared responsibility. As their skills levels increase so does their confidence and their ability to face challenges.

We also train our refugee staff to run our Mobile Cinema Screenings - learning how to set up day and night screenings and managing all the inherent issues of power outages, dust, daylight, wind, heat etc. They learn how to manage a screening and how to engage the audience so they benefit from the messages therein more fully. Creating a comfortable and safe screening environment has its challenges in the bamboo / outdoor environment that the refugees and local villages inhabit and all of these must be taken into consideration when conducting a screening.